ah, and song list update:

Doing Good – all done

Game – all done

Paean – lyrics (this is my poem song, very heady heavy good thick imagery), no melody yet

Dead Rebels – all done

Lost Truth – lyrics discarded, keep melody

White Sugar – melody done, no lyrics yet

New Murder – concept ready, melody ready, no lyrics yet (off cut from a previously finished song Murder to Excellence, where I took the Kanye and Jay one and changed all the lyrics and melody, besides lalalallalalallalal break)

new song – evil vs good kind of thing. Is it better to be remembered as evil, as good can get so boring sometimes. no lyrics or melody yet

namestay – namaste

gaia – too obviously close to the goddess

to gaya – people are going to pronounce it gaaaaayuh (not guyuh, which sounds so cool)

to maia

to maya taken by the glorious MIA

to sera

to caia

caia? caia brown? cara brown?

guyuh is fun though.

or gara ( not gara like garage, but gara like car – the heavy honey ahhhhh sound – )


I Wonder

okay here’s something that strikes me to my absolute core every time I hear it and has my mind going crazy with fascination and connection. 

The song “I Wonder” by Rodriguez has him state this one line:

” I wonder / how many times you had sex”

Angus is not a virgin. He’s 17. He lost it before he was 16 anyhow. And every time I hear this line Rodriguez sings from my mouth straight to him. At my age knowing someone my age who has had sex is ridiculous. At least around here, in straight-laced upper-middle class Sydney. It hits me every single time. It’s such a mature concept and I feel special, ridiculous and overly adult in the fact that I know someone who has had sex. It’s such a cheeky personal question, and I ask it out loud in my mind too every time to him. Not just “have you had sex” but “how many times have you had sex?”. Woh. I connect with it so much because it’s something I’ve never been exposed to until now, and this song portrays it just perfectly. And to be honest, it makes the song 1000X better. 

how do people even have incredible or interesting families. 

my sister likes sloths and Taylor Swift, my mum is medically retired and reads the paper or watches tv or drinks wine. my dad is also retired and enjoys complaining about nothing. 

they do nothing.




I dunno I just like rearranging over all the songs and stuff I’m doing

Under the Scottish Anchor project I have:

Doing Good


and SA #3 cause I haven’t given it a name. The title Doing Good may look lame but believe me it doesn’t sound that way. I’m gonna go over it with Max on Wednesday (have to jig school a bit). We’re also doing Separator by Radiohead, Drop The Game by Flume and Chet Faker and he wants to do Transmission but no-ones voice can go that low, especially mine.

Also me and my band are playing tomorrow at school. In December just after exams we’re playing at a party and are getting $50 each. Found out Tina (guitar) likes The Police and The Doors wooh so we’re doing Break on Through To The Other Side, Roxanne, Message In A Bottle &  a Stones song so that I can sing the shit out of Heartbreaker (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo). Lucy doesn’t really have a rock voice so I bags’ed Break On Through.

On a personal pact not to listen to Silence for 5 days straight.

Stole a snare drum from school haha.

And I’m in the process of writing a 3rd song too.

Texted Angus for about 2 hours straight bah. We talk so long then that he sends me off to bed. He has spelling mistakes in every text and has these huge long paragraphs which is sweet cause I bet they take him like 10 fucking minutes to write.

Lie to my parents too much as I went to Newtown on Saturday night and didn’t get back til 1am. Met up with some leetle friends at the Buzzzbar where we jam and there’s too many joints to share but overall it’s a really good atmosphere and the guys are great.

Smell of poetry hangs heavy in the air with ripe ideas for new songs and stuff. Talked to my Extension teacher about recording of history now and he says it’s done so well in films which is something I had never considered. For some reason in that class I was overflowing with emotion. History hits me so hard in the face it’s weird.

Pop songs are so much easier to write wow. It’s just have one extended riff, repeat it and voila a verse. Prechorus is add a few higher notes and increase tempo then chorus is explode it all out over the scale and repeat your melody twice. Then bridge is just find a related key and play a few notes from it. All so repetitive and easy!

Will get back to writing competently soon, promise. Was reading George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language yesterday and his advice to make writing as clear cut, simple and obvious as possible was great. I’ll take that as doing good.

Out Again

Maybe I should go out again. Not out to like a film or stuff, but out to the country.

Seems like she steals my style, that I already look like her, but she’s publicised about it. So I can’t afford to look the same. I stay after school for band and feel like a messy slug. Looking in the mirror my hair is greasy and limp, my leather jacket is too big and Candela looks just gorgeous, Lucy looks comfortably flawless and Tina looks fresh and great. I feel like I’m stuck within my own awkward clothes and bad hair. Get home and I feel comfortable and I look in the mirror and my clothes fit, my hair is fine my skin’s not so bad. I must mentally adjust to myself or something at home. I can’t tell which one is real. The school one seems more real, there’s no denying I feel uncomfortable.

Most of the time it’s my hair. My hair that looks like hers so much I look like an imposter. You know, things don’t really get easier. The heroes I’ve been reading about lately – Saladin, Napoleon, Anne Frank, Balzac, Oscar Wilde – they don’t seem bogged down in insecurity. I look at her. Maybe I should give her a name. She’s called Silence, that’s what I’ll call her. She’s not me though. She’s real. That’s hard to accept still. But anyhow, she seems not to face any troubles. She’s always been good at what she’s incredibly famous for and was given time and opportunity. I have neither of those things. 

So of course I struggle. She doesn’t seem to, she’s being internationally successful for being herself and that is a one in a million chance. I feel like Time gives me no chance. The joke that I thought Time was my friend…Time’s gonna kill everything eventually so don’t fret. This stance I have adopted lately, I’m not sure why it has happened. Like because of Silence I don’t give a shit as much or am trying to diminish her impact on me by reminding myself that everything passes. 

All Things Must Pass.


I’m listening to The Great Divide


In the Great Divide / I don’t fit in / too well

No one else to care for or love…

In the Great Divide / You won’t fit in / too well

Hot New Video :: Flume & Chet Faker :: Drop The Game.

gonna make me and Max do this number


This just dropped yesterday, and I have to admit, it’s my favourite video for any of Flume‘s work to date. All that’s involved here is a dark moonlit Brooklyn street and some of the best dancing (courtesy of Brooklyn native Storyboard P) you’ll see today, guaranteed. Sometimes the simplest concepts remain the best. Flume & Chet Faker are collaborating on a 3 track EP entitled Lockjaw, due out November 26. Check out the video below.

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