I Wonder

okay here’s something that strikes me to my absolute core every time I hear it and has my mind going crazy with fascination and connection. 

The song “I Wonder” by Rodriguez has him state this one line:

” I wonder / how many times you had sex”

Angus is not a virgin. He’s 17. He lost it before he was 16 anyhow. And every time I hear this line Rodriguez sings from my mouth straight to him. At my age knowing someone my age who has had sex is ridiculous. At least around here, in straight-laced upper-middle class Sydney. It hits me every single time. It’s such a mature concept and I feel special, ridiculous and overly adult in the fact that I know someone who has had sex. It’s such a cheeky personal question, and I ask it out loud in my mind too every time to him. Not just “have you had sex” but “how many times have you had sex?”. Woh. I connect with it so much because it’s something I’ve never been exposed to until now, and this song portrays it just perfectly. And to be honest, it makes the song 1000X better. 


how do people even have incredible or interesting families. 

my sister likes sloths and Taylor Swift, my mum is medically retired and reads the paper or watches tv or drinks wine. my dad is also retired and enjoys complaining about nothing. 

they do nothing.