ah, and song list update:

Doing Good – all done

Game – all done

Paean – lyrics (this is my poem song, very heady heavy good thick imagery), no melody yet

Dead Rebels – all done

Lost Truth – lyrics discarded, keep melody

White Sugar – melody done, no lyrics yet

New Murder – concept ready, melody ready, no lyrics yet (off cut from a previously finished song Murder to Excellence, where I took the Kanye and Jay one and changed all the lyrics and melody, besides lalalallalalallalal break)

new song – evil vs good kind of thing. Is it better to be remembered as evil, as good can get so boring sometimes. no lyrics or melody yet


namestay – namaste

gaia – too obviously close to the goddess

to gaya – people are going to pronounce it gaaaaayuh (not guyuh, which sounds so cool)

to maia

to maya taken by the glorious MIA

to sera

to caia

caia? caia brown? cara brown?

guyuh is fun though.

or gara ( not gara like garage, but gara like car – the heavy honey ahhhhh sound – )